Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm surprised that I even get up out of bed every day. Where do I get the will to function? The trolling for dates disappointments continue. More no-shows and losers. Ha, Mr. A. even popped in with a "Are you avoiding me?" query. No, I was actually busy with work and basically you've ceased to exist for me...not too harsh is it?

Tonight some stranger messaged me...stating he was looking for a hottie that could be a soulmate. I take all these opening lines with a boulder size grain of salt and usually reply with a "hon, you've reached a plus size gal" opening line and let it go from there. He was prob thrilled to even get a living response so he continued to question me and past the 5 min mark, I sent him my usual tame photo. Bugger then had nerve to ask for a second photo to see my face better: I am so used to people just happening to "forget" to reciprocate that this time, I actually taunted him as to where was his in this exchange. He did send one eventually, and he's not my type at all...but to be ever fair, I sent him a clear shot, only to receive a response of "I'm still undecided" from the boor. No problem jerkweed, I'll be happy to make the decision for us both! Goodluck and goodbye.

supposed to have met some stranger tomorrow, one that kept contacting me...but as I tried to send him a message asking if it was still on tomorrow, don't you know he ignored me? I even sent several times just hello and hi and still nothing. I opened other windows and they all worked, so so much for that BS. Useless, useless wastes of time. Just whimper more about needs and cravings, swallow the contents of the cupboards and fridge in a vain attempt to satisfy the ache.

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