Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trolling has panned out yet again. Some flakeouts wandered back: one was obviously a local young frum Jew that wanted to get another chance after canceling on me a week ago, another was just a random old guy who didn't send any email, and now just didn't answer any calls to the number he provided, thus flaking out a second time! Sigh. I'd jumped yet again back into chat with a determined mind set only to encounter one case where the person I started talking to was a likely prospect...until he revealed that he was married, and he swiftly left conversation upon being told I don't look for that type. Damned weasel.

Left stuck talking to the sleazy loser pervs that keep persisting in their efforts to have me give up revealing photos for their perusement...For them to acertain if there's any "chemistry" that will be revealed by photos. Bad enough to humilate myself by having to tell them in pre-emptive chat strikes that I'm a fat chick, I'm bluntly told by some that I have to submit photos for approval before they deign to consort with me. Go to hell, jerks!

Ohh, I miss you Mr. W. I could and do weep for the loneliness and hopelessness that I go through all the time since losing you.

News from Mrs. P. regarding the ever insane Ms. S. Ms. S. has apparently blown a gasket and somehow hopped BACK into the States with children in tow, in violation of custody arrangements and international laws and such. So now it's a Federal issue and I honestly can't wait for the authorities to toss her in jail and hopefully commit her for her medical issues. Enough already, you crazy bitch! Troublemaker... and not the least of which is that I have all the parts for her stupid guardian angel jewelry obsession now sitting here without a purpose. Another hundred dollars down the tubes. It'll be such fun showing them to her from across a prison window... good god.

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