Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ms. S with her paranoia & paranoid delusions called yet again...She was actually calling to say thank you for my scanning of documents for her and apparantly wanted to ask a favor...By chance, the call launched into the long-coming, albeit impromptu, "You Need A Psychologist" talk. She's been so crazy lately in her emails to Mrs. P.

Uggh. She was belligerent, rambling on and on about how unfair it was that she was always being labelled crazy. I couldn't out argue her, she'd make outlandish claims and in total belief of them too. I could only urge that she go to a qualified psychologist.

She mentioned she'd love to have someone come stay with her - for support. Like anyone has the time to drop and stay with her scattered ass...

She asked for me to get her guardian angel jewelry for the kids: and in the same conversation expressed some belief that I have some vast fortune socked away to use at whim.

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