Friday, November 30, 2007

I've gone out shopping a few times now. I picked up a mass market PC game CD for a sister. I was thinking of travelling to a specific gourmet shop in Tribeca: but on the way there I lost track of how to get to the place. Senility gibbering in the sidestages of the mind...

I shrugged it off and reconfigured my plans to go to another store to pick up gifts for the niece. Upon exiting the train, I realized that, again, I had no clear picture of which way to turn. The standard get lost first and then recover bearings habit was in full force. I could remember the directions very clearly, but couldn't recall the specifics. Granted, it was a year since I'd been to 5th Ave in manhattan, but I was able to suss it out in time to spare. Picked up expensive (useless) doll clothes for the nieces' doll. The most bizarre thing coincidence happened: As I stepped out from the store sister and her guy were there to see the tree and the doll goods too!

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