Wednesday, September 12, 2007

SO, I created a blog today. Too much of my angst building up in my head, so maybe spilling it out onto a web page will help ease the pressure.

Here's an image that I saved on the PC: I found it online and don't truly recall where it came from. I renamed it as "note on the street" and it probably came from my doing a simple search for "lonely" or "love". From time to time I open it up to ponder over it:

I remember reading some comments by other folks over the true meaning of the written phrase on the card - "Love you" where the word "you" has been underlined. Just what was the person intending to say when the note was written and how did it happen to be left in the street as it was? Was it just a casual scribble, or did the underlined emphasis of the word "you" have a deeper meaning? At times when I'm feeling down about my own lovelife, I look at the picture and wish that I had someone writing me love notes, but so far, not happening for me. I think of what it might feel like to have that special tingle of knowledge: my special person was /is thinking of me!

As for how it came to be in the street; was it lost or dropped by accident? Did the person miss it upon finding out it was gone, did they have a twinge of" Aw, shoot! I lost it!"? I feel envy that some people have so much love that they could bear to throw any proof of it's existence away.

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