Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Good Mental Health" seems to be in all around short supply lately. Here I am dealing with my metabolic mild depression stuff issues and while still dealing with the day to day highs and lows, I'm also faced with a need for finding help for two friends: Ms. S with paranoia & paranoid delusions and Mr. W with OCD and drug addition. In comparison to my own troubles, both of them have way more immediate problems, than mine. So how is it that I'm the only one that even tried to get help? It's "Caregiver Gal" to the rescue again! Even though there's no thanks to it all whatsoever...and that'll probably trigger me down again.

In fact, after looking up all sorts of info regarding psychatric depts of local NY hospitals, it occurs to me to consider those in my immediate circle and review their behaviors: at least 75 percent of them have SOME kind of issue going on with them as well, and again, I'm the only one I know getting any kind of aknowledged treatment. Dad: raging manic-depressive, bi polar symptoms, Mom: neurotic clingyness, Oldest Sister: Fear of commitment, cold feet in a decades long engagement, Middle Sister: hostile alienation from the family, Sister-in-law: neurotic, OCD symptoms, Niece & Nephew: neurotic behaviors.

Am I really able to even joke that I'm crazy then, because in my little corner of Hell it seems to be par for the course behavior.

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