Monday, September 24, 2007

Oh, make the pain stop. I'm alone again.

Nothing tastes right. Nothing satisfies. I've nowhere to go again. I keep getting the crying jags; I'm actually starting to get angry and I want to scream at him. Go to his house and just get one shot at him... either he'd deck me back or I'd still be offering, giving of myself. I still have that book, I still never told him that I know more than I let on to him. Parting shots that coil up waiting to deploy. Even though there was that stupid "agreement", it didn't mean that I could just be dropped. That he could just ABANDON me! The fucking, chicken-shit, jerk wad...

Mr. W. you are a cowardly, lurking asshole.


gabe said...

hey jude, don't be silly. get down your knees and pray a rosary. let me tell you, girl, it helps, believe me! and stop trying to shove your heart up his ass.
with luv from canada.

Jude said...

Thanks Gabe, but saying any kind of rosary is not my outlet. This is happening in realtime for me: I just had to find someway to vent. I can't promise that the content will make sense or be any good.