Wednesday, December 12, 2007

And how do I feel today?

Sad. Just typing that pushes me to the brink of tears. I'm all hormonal by coincidence of course, it's the end of the cycle for this month. Why, just yesterday I was reading a NYT article about diabetes and depression and how the two can further combine to result in heart disease. After glancing through it, I had to rush to the bathroom in order to gather my composure. Yep, that's what I have to look forward to, and my heart's already broken/bruised/cut out of me.

I went shopping yesterday. Got to Bazzini's and Bed, Bath, Beyond for xmas gifts. I can't imagine shopping at these levels on an everyday basis. What a difference it must be to be able to afford the nicer things in life without caring about the bill. The other month I was at Sahhadi's just to get vanilla beans: a couple was filling a shopping cart with all sorts of gourmet items: various cheeses and jars of things. A hunk of cheese in the $15 dollar range times 12? Times 20? Maybe it was for a holiday party, or they were caterers, but to be able to just casually live that way seems so outof my reach. I'd manage to splurge on one thing, or go mildy overbudget just once, but only with the control that then I'd spend less on myself.

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