Monday, October 29, 2007

Ms. S with her paranoia & paranoid delusions called yet again...Griping over her child custody and legal headaches, the shambles that is her life. It's a shame that it's gone so far - it's too late to be telling her, "Look, I think you're crazy too" with a "and here's why" step by step breakdown, without it being taken the wrong way. She's so far gone that she has no idea that she's the problem. And when I don't sympathize with her or support her to her satisfaction, she hangs on the conversation as if waiting for me to confess that all her suspicions are true.

When she so much as asked where was I through her recent troubles, she dismissed my excuse of my being otherwise preoccupied with my own breakup as something minor. "But didn't you tell me that he has, what...attention deficit issues, that he wasn't treating you well? Wasn't this a MONTH ago?".

I think my starting to cry over the phone convinced her a little bit that I was more involved than she perceived. "You miss him." she said. Miss him like crazy...

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