Sunday, April 6, 2008

Gotta wonder how things get solved in this life. I confess that I had a small personal problem. I occasionally noticed I had a odor problem in the VaJayjay area, period of time unknown - 8 months? 10 months?. Being that I wash up as a through scrubber - I'd wash, scrub and rinse things over thoroughly before meeting anyone where'd there'd be clothes removed - It was only a minor embarassment issue. I do have a gynecologist, and she'd helped me with all the major STD issues checked out just the other month. I'd mentioned a problem, plus a slight discharge, but she may have simply overlooked the problem in the surge to discount the potential majors that I might have been at risk for. So the problem continued. I looked up info online again, I had an idea that it was bacterial vaginosis because of the odor issue...and I read about 5 pages before I realized that I could treat it myself. I even read so well that I confirmed the diagnosis wih what was called a whiff test: a fishy odor will be produced if vaginal secretion is combined with semen or semen available, but soaping in the shower definitely resulted in this response on a fingertip. The cure was metronizadole and fantastically, it was stuff that one of the housecats was supposed to be on. No, I didn't take the cat's pills from the vet! The cat was prescribed it for a gut problem, and I'd picked up a bottle of 100 pills off of the internet that was supposed to treat a tropical fish disease (amusingly enough , it's intended to treat "hole-in-the-head disease.) It's exactly the same stuff. I've checked it out online by viewing pictures of the pills on pharmacy sites, sites that specifically exist to identify pills and theirshapes, colors and codes, and with examination of the uncut pills from the vet's office. At the price, the 100 pills was cheaper than the $8.00 for 10 from the vet's office. I read more pages on the internet looking for dosage and eventually found it at 500 mg so I went with 2 250 mg pills for a week...3-4 days later the problem is gone.

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